20-40-45' City 3-Axle Chassis

Carries one 20 ft (50,000 lb max) or one 40 ft or one 45 ISO Container applicable to operation in the United States.

20'-40'-45' Triaxle Gooseneck Container Chassis

By use of telescopic action, this unique extendable trailer chassis can grow from 30’ 6” to 45’ 6” in order to accommodate a 20’, 40’ or 45’ shipping container with a GVWR of 60,000, 75,000, and 75,000 lbs. respectively.  The versatility and stability of this tri-axle chassis is what makes it such a great addition to any fleet looking to carry a variety of containers.

General Specs

Tare Weight:
Approximately 9,750
60,000 lb. when in the 20 ft. position,90,000 lb. when in the 40 ft. position, 90,000 lb. when in the 45' position
Steel & Fasteners:
All structural steel is ASTM-A572, Grade 50, or ASTM-A607, Grade 50. All structural fasteners are Grade 5 or better and are zinc coated
Main Beams:
Wide flange I-Beam
Cross Member:
Fabricated steel
Upper Coupler Assembly:
Pick up plate is 5/16 in. thick
Fifth Wheel Height:
48 in.
Front Bolster:
Fabricated channel with steel casting end plates
Rear Bolster:
Channel type
Intermediate Bolsters:
6 in. X 8 in. tube
ICC Bumper:
47 in. tube
Mud Flaps:
24 in. X 30 in. white plastic 4 hole mount
Electrical System:
12 volt, 7-way split pin receptacle plug; modular wiring harness
Slider Mechanism:
Air operated slider locking pins
Overall Length Closed:
29 ft. 7 in.
Overall Length Extended:
(40 ft. position) 40 ft. 6 inches, (45 ft. position) 45 ft. 6 inches
Gooseneck Beams:
Fabricated I-beam with high tensile steel


Overall Chassis Width:
102 in.
Maximum Rear Height:
48 in.
Overall Chassis Length:
29 ft. 7 in. (20 ft position) / 40 ft. 6 in. (40 ft. position) / 45 ft. 6 in. (45 ft. position)

Landing Gear

Landing Gear:
Two speed AAR approved, square leg. 55,000 lb. lift capacity and 160,000 static load capacity.
Landing Gear Foot Group:
10 in. by 10 in. Low profile sandshoe
Crank Handle Location:


Light Attachment:
Flange mounted
Light Type:


Steel outboard mounted
Oil 90 W
Brake System Type:
Brake Chambers:


Steel 22.5 X 8.25 hub piloted
Tire Size:
11R 22.5
Hub Type:


Axle Type:
5 in. round, tapered, 77.5 in. long
Axle Quantity:
Three Axles
Axle Centers:
60 3/4 in.
Triaxle Location:
85 3/4 in. from rear to center axle
Kingpin Location:
24 in. from rear face of front bolster


Suspension Type:
Three Leaf


Metal Preparation:
Clean, dry steel and NACE No. 3 /SSPC-SP-6 commercial blast cleaning
70% Zinc primer
Black urethane

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