53’ Gooseneck 2-Axle Chassis

Carries one 53 ft. container with a 3 1/8 in. tunnel applicable to operation in the United States.

53’ High Cube Tandem Axle Gooseneck Container Chassis

Our standard 53’ High Cube Tandem chassis is designed to haul a 53’ high cube shipping container with a 3 1/8” tunnel and a GVWR of 65,000 lb.  The 53’ Tandem chassis is sturdy and efficient, a perfect product for any company who routinely carries 53’ shipping containers.  If you have special shipping requirements, we can work with you on adapting our high cube container chassis to meet your needs.

General Specs

Tare Weight:
Approximately 7,350 lb.
75,000 lb.
Steel & Fasteners:
All structural steel is ASTM-A572, Grade 50, or ASTM-A607, Grade 50 or better. All structural fasteners are Grade 5 or better and are zinc coated
Cross Member:
Fabricated steel
Upper Coupler Assembly:
0.25"-thick pick up plate
Fifth Wheel Height:
48 inches
Front Bolster:
Fabricated channel with steel casting end plates
Rear Bolster:
7 gauge channel type grade 80
ICC Bumper:
4" × 4" × 3/16" tube step bumper. Main beam and bumper struts are extended 2" to protect rear bolster.
Mud Flaps:
24" × 30" white plastic with 4 hole mounting
Electrical System:
12 volt, 7-way split pin receptacle plug; modular wiring harness
Gooseneck Beams:
Fabricated I-beam with high-tensile steel


Overall Chassis Width:
102 inches
Maximum Rear Height:
48 inches
Overall Chassis Length:
53.5 inches

Landing Gear

Landing Gear:
Two speed AAR approved, square leg. 55,000-lb. lift capacity and 160,000-lb. static load capacity
Landing Gear Foot Group:
10" × 10" low profile sandshoe
Crank Handle Location:


Light Attachment:
Flange mounted
Light Type:


Steel outboard mounted
Synthetic grease
Brake System Type:
Brake Chambers:


22.5" × 8.25" steel
Tire Size:
11R 22.5
Hub Type:


Axle Type:
5" round, tapered, 77.5" long
Axle Quantity:
Axle Centers:
49 inches
Tandem Location:
Sliding: 61-145 inches from suspension center to rear of trailer
Kingpin Location:
36 inches from rear face of front bolster


Suspension Type:
One-leaf spring ride


Metal Preparation:
Clean, dry steel and NACE No. 3 /SSPC-SP-6 commercial blast cleaning
Zinc-rich primer
Black urethane

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